Joining process

Joining process
1, with the long light day sales department manager Xu Solar Energy Ltd, detailed understanding of the long light day Asahi company products, marketing strategy, investment policy etc..
2, the two sides discuss agency intentions, fill in the agency agreement. Asahi solar energy agency agreement signed by both parties after the entry into force, after seven days if the agent does not pay the delivery of the contract automatically expires.
3, the agent selected location after the company provides door decoration scheme unified, decoration companies enjoy rebate. For the first time the amount of delivery by the company in accordance with the provisions of free distribution of goods.
4, franchise stores opened by the agents to promote the opening of the application, the company approved by the marketing department to develop promotional programs in the opening day to carry out promotional activities.
5, the performance of the agent every six months, according to the assessment criteria are not qualified to cancel the exclusive agent qualification.
6, the end of the year, the company will be based on the performance of agents and related policies to return and reward.
7, when the agent expires, the two sides agreed to terminate the agreement. If both parties agree to renew the contract, they will sign the agreement of next year.